UNIFY is the Cross-Housing BAME Network. It’s a collection of BAME groups in the Housing Sector who have formed a larger network to focus on
career development, networking, mentoring, cultural celebration and strategic change. Its overarching goal is to increase inclusion opportunities at all levels, having the diversity of its staff reflected throughout all areas of their organisations. 

Our Pillars





Strategic Change

  To establish a supportive network for learning and professional development.

  To host more shared events and create greater opportunities to build stronger connections across the sector.

  To provide a point of contact for support on BAME related issues and a safe environment in which to share experiences, opportunities, ideas and concerns.

  To encouraging membership to exchange ideas, insight and experiences.

  To increase awareness of key schemes, events or topical issues relevant to BAME groups.

  To organise inclusive social events, exploring BAME related issues and celebrating diversity.

  Access to shared BAME professional and social events calendar

  To facilitate the development of mentoring relationships.

  To make use of our own community and provide members the opportunity to mentor someone outside their own organisation.

  To signpost members to organisations already offering mentoring programs. 

Share best practice from across the sector to improve the recruitment process for BAME staff by promoting the impact of engagement with Staff Networks who ensure Member organisations are representative at all levels.

Improve the awareness and support provided to both managers and staff to have more informed discussions about career progression e.g. acknowledging challenging conversations based on ED&I  via formal appraisal objectives.

Understand the scope of ‘Talent Manager’ roles and how future BAME leaders will be identified or the support staff require – what does a good leader look like? How can Unify support Members to develop future BAME leaders?

Produce a summary and review the existing courses available across the sector  e.g. CIH, EL, Future of London.

  To input into your organisations group’s strategy, branding and group roles.

  To influence policy and look at new and innovative ways to promote and embed BAME equality.

  To strengthen internal BAME network groups within respective organisations.

  To be transparent about EDI data /initiatives and commit to sharing this information with other members within UNIFY.

  To maintain strong links with other BAME networks, housing associations and external organisations to share best practice and ideas. 

Leadership Structure

The Core Steering Group is formed of representatives (a maximum of two individuals) from each of our member organisations. This group will develop and facilitate the activity of the network and will be the main lead for at least one of our pillars. The UNIFY group is chaired by Leona Menville – Director Customer and Communities at Inquilab Housing Association

Terms of Reference

To view our Terms of Reference please click here

Membership to UNIFY

UNIFY is open to membership for BAME networks of Social Housing Associations.

You can stay updated with UNIFY’s work by registering to become a member of UNIFY or following us on Twitter or LinkedIn page. 

Current Members

Sponsors and Partners

We want to thank all the below organisations who have either contributed funding or individual support in helping us progress our goals.