Become a Core Member

We will evolve as our core membership grows and this will help shape what we do, contributing together to form best practices and events; creating a network of professionally proactive people who can learn from each other.

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1.What are the benefits?

  1. Increase awareness of key schemes relevant to BAME groups
  2. Support in establishing best practices
  3. Access to shared BAME professional and social events calendar
  4. Instantly increase your external network by joining our community of colleagues, sharing ideas, insight and experience
  5. Have more events and spend less through sharing the cost.

2.What are the opportunities

  1. Input directly in the group strategy, branding and group roles.
  2. Develop personal interests such as presentation skills, photography and marketing etc
  3. Strengthen your internal BAME group
  4. Take active role in events planning
  5. Exchanging hints and tips

3.How to join?

To join simply send us an email with your interest and we will shortly get back to you.

Current members

We want to thank all the below organisations who have either contributed funding or individual support in helping us progress our goals.

Our sponsors and partners