Core Steering Group

The Core Steering Group will be responsible for  overseeing and making sure that UNIFY are meeting the aims of the network. The group is formed of representatives (a maximum of two individuals) from each of our member organisations. This group will develop and facilitate the activity of the network and will be the main lead for at least one of our pillars.

Careers Subgroup Team​

Our goal is on improving career opportunities for BAME staff at all levels. In partnership with external recruiters and career coaches we develop bespoke initiatives and workshops. We target supporting both individuals and shaping structural changes within member organisations and across the sector. 

Networking Subgroup Team​

Our focus is on establishing a supportive network for learning and professional  development. We aim to look at organising events in both a professional and social environment so members can have more meaningful interactions and foster better relationships to build stronger networks.

Culture Subgroup Team

Our focus is to increase awareness of key events relevant to BAME groups. We will organise inclusive social events, exploring BAME related issues and  celebrating diversity. Please note any social events are now on hold due to Covid 19 and maintaining the government social distancing measures. 

Mentoring Subgroup Team

Our focus is to facilitate the development of mentoring relationships. Where possible we will be  signposting members to existing mentoring opportunities provided by external organisations.  

Website and Social Media Task Team

This group was setup to achieve one of our goals of raising awareness of UNIFY throughout the sector. This team has been working on developing our new website and social media platforms to reach more individuals within the sector and get them involved in helping us make a change.  

Help us make a difference in the Housing Sector

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