The G15 Ethnicity Awards 2022

What a night!!

LLast night I had the pleasure to represent Unify BAME at the inaugural The G15 Ethnicity Awards. It was an honour to share the stage and celebrate the achievements of our black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues!


Following the amazing and insightful Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu was not an easy task, it did however help we reflect on the journey and impact we’ve had across the sector. In 2016 staff networks did not exist and we didn’t have a G15 Pledge, let alone awards. These strides have been the consequence of passion, determination and personal sacrifice.


Often organisations are criticised for what they haven’t done, yesterday was acknowledging the work that has. It would be very easy to dismiss the work of staff networks and prioritise other key areas affecting the sector, however a group of determined individuals in the G15 have chosen not to standby. Are things perfect? No. Is there is more to do? Yes. What yesterday showed is we have a room full of individuals, organisations and groups prepared to keep spreading awareness and be vocal until we have a sector truly reflecting the communities we serve. Representation is key.


We also took a moment to reflect and celebrate the life and influence of Steve Douglas CBE. I didn’t personally meet Steve but the stories and legacy he leaves behind speaks for itself. Steve was a trailblazer. I wouldn’t have the confidence or conviction to stand on the stage and represent UNIFY without the barriers Steve broke down – for that I will be eternally grateful. 


I would also like to recognise the work of previous Chair’s Charlene Peters, Joe Joseph and Alison Muir in having the foresight to bring like-minded people together. A special thank you also to Unify BAME members who have tirelessly sacrificed their time over a number of years; attending meetings, sharing feedback and creating change, you are all deeply valued, respected and appreciated. Thank you in particular to Geeta Nanda OBE, Kate Davies and Helen Evans for continuing to be vocal advocates and allies. Congrats to all those nominated, shortlisted and of course the deserving winners! 

Anthony Were photo

Anthony Were