An Intro into the Website and Social Media Task Team

Summary of the Website and Social Media Task Team

This group was setup to achieve one of UNIFY’s goals of increasing awareness throughout the sector.

The team has been working on developing our new website and social media platforms to reach more individuals within the sector and get them involved in helping us make a change.  

Project Lead: Shah Alom

Who is in the Website and Social Media Task Team

What have you been working on?

This group was set up in mid-July. Since then we have had weekly meetings every Friday for 30 minutes to discuss how we will move the project forward.

In the space of two months we have come a long way. 

What do we need help on?

Graphic Designer or Aspiring Photographer

We urgently need someone that is good at creating  images by using tools like Photoshop, Instagram, Canva or Visme to create images for our website, social media channels and other task teams. This will be a great help to us if someone had these skills. 

If editing images is not your thing but you’re good with a camera and capturing great compositions, then we also want you. We would like to create our own images instead of relying on photo stock images that have a lack of representations from different cultures. We want more pictures of  people that look like us for our website.

Content Creator – Blogs & Videos

We want to create different content as we know people prefer to digest information in different ways. If you are a person that likes writing blogs or creating video content, please get in touch with us. We need more people who have this creativity to help us make great content.  

Elementor User – Maintain and Upload Conent to our WordPress Site

We are looking for someone who is willing to help us maintain and upload content (pages/blogs) on our WordPress Site. The site uses Elementor and is easy to navigate. If you haven’t used this before and want to learn how to do it, then we are happy to show you how to do it for you to take on the role in the future.  

Please send a message to

If you think you can help us, please get in touch